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Questions & Answers

Which delivery format to choose?

The delivery methods are to be chosen just before payment.  The prices vary according to the number of LPS purchased, it's up to you to choose the right option!

  What about the accessories?

  • Small accessories and teensies can be shipped in all delivery methods offered. Their weight does not affect the delivery method. 

The addition of these items is therefore possible in addition to the limited number of LPS registered in the different delivery methods.

EXAMPLE: For the chosen delivery: "LPS 1 - 4 LPS", I can buy 4 LPS and some accessories.

  • Large props, buildings, "maxi LPS" and walkables LPS cannot be shipped in an envelope.

Items sent in an envelope must be conform to the dimensions required by the postal services.

We can send your package about 1 or 2 weeks after you ordered. Unfortunately we can't send faster for logistical reasons. Thank you for your understanding! We can send worldwide though, so if your country doesn't appear, don't hesitate to join us so we can add the shipping price!

When will my package be shipped?

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Prices vary depending on your location country, you can have a look at them at the end of your order. You have to chose the right shipping method regarding the number of LPS you bought, and also regarding the accessories or special pets. Shippings for France starts at $3. We of course send internationally, these shippings starts at $7.

If you want to save on the shippings, don't hesitate to leave a note at the end of your order to tell us that you want us to hold the LPS until you add more in your order!

What are the shippings costs?

What should I do if I did not receive?

If you did not receive your package, don't hesitate to reach your post office. If we get it back, you have to pay again for the shippings so we send it back. Finally, if the package is definitely lost, we unfortunately cannot refund the content. Thank you for your understanding.

How can I pay on your website?

On MyushoppyLPS, you can pay with Paypal or your credit card for a secured transaction. Cash is forbidden here!

What are the conditions of the pets I am getting?

We wash every LPS with a brush and soap when we receive them. Pen marks cannot be removed unfortunately but we do our possible to remove spots and marks.

If an LPS shows some flaws (initials, broken mecanism....), we mention it on the article so you are not surprise when you receive it.

How can I hold my articles?

In order to save money on the shippings, it is possible on our shop to leave a note during your order to let us know you'd like us to hold your LPS. Once you're ready for us to send the package, leave a note on your last order so we can send it to you asap!

How can I get my tracking number?

• The tracking number is mentioned on the back of the e-mail notifying you that your order was sent.
• You can also ask us on the chatbox or on Instagram.

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patte paw rose pink
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